Excellent result

State of Your Vision

September 2020

Your vision is on average excellent, but some lowered results were found. Most probably you can see well even in demanding conditions, and helping aids for lowered functionalities are available.

You see well from far away.

Distance Vision

You can separate things like traffic signs at further distances.

You see well at working distances.

Terminal Vision

You can separate things and see text at working distances - when looking at a computer screen for example.

You might benefit from new reading glasses.

Near Vision

A weakened result means that your eyes have to work harder, they tend to tire more quickly and you need brighter lighting when reading small text or inspecting things closely.

You see very clearly.

Contrast Vision

Lights, shadows and shades stand out especially clearly for you. There's no fogginess and you see and detect objects precisely even in poor weather and dimly lit conditions.

Your central visual field is very good and even.

Visual Field Integrity

Good visual field sensitivity allows you to notice even weak targets and react to them immediately.

Your visual field is very wide.

Width of Visual Field

You have excellent means to notice things even at extreme sides of your vision because of the excellent width of your visual field.

Your visual field is very high.

Height of Visual Field

The excellent height of your visual field allows you to easily notice and react to things at the upper and lower extremes of your vision.

Your vision based reaction time is very fast.

Reaction Time

The interaction speed between your eyes, brain and hands is excellent.

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