Low result

Near Vision

You might benefit from new reading glasses.

A weakened result means that your eyes have to work harder, they tend to tire more quickly and you need brighter lighting when reading small text or inspecting things closely.

Both eyes
The marked portion of the bar represents half the results of people your age. If your result is to right of this, you belong to the top 25% of your age group.

The acuity of near vision is the traditional indicator for whether one needs near vision glasses.

Our ophthalmologist Markku explains this indicator:

Visual acuity is ranked with numbers, so that 0 indicates blindness, 0.3 is at the limit of visual impairment, 0.5 is what is required for driving, and 1.0 is fairly good and normal. Young people and other sharp-sighted persons may score as high as 2. The higher the number, the better.

Declining near vision is usually best improved by using reading or multifocal glasses.

Signs of deteriorating near vision:

  • It may be difficult to read texts from a normal distance or from a phone’s screen.
  • The eyes grow tired when objects are viewed from nearby.

Ocusweep functional vision examination measures the functioning of the visual system with both eyes - just as we use both eyes simultaneously in everyday life. This measurement is not a replacement for an eye health examination, where each eye is tested on its own while the other eye is blindfolded.

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