Excellent result

Height of Visual Field

Your visual field is very high.

The excellent height of your visual field allows you to easily notice and react to things at the upper and lower extremes of your vision.

A good height of visual field helps notice things towards the upper and lower extremes of your vision.

Our ophthalmologist Markku explains this indicator:

The eye not only sees straight at the direction of the gaze, but also towards the sides and up and downwards. If you lift your hand in front of your face and look at your thumb, your little finger is at about 10 degrees from the line of your gaze. If you move your hands to the sides of your head and look straight ahead, you can usually see your fingers moving (if you move them). The width of the visual field is then roughly 90 degrees in both directions, or 180 degrees in total. For up and downwards dimensions, the Ocusweep device measures up to 36 degrees, thus measuring a total of 72 degrees. Here, a larger number is better.

A lowered height of visual field is difficult to realize, because the brain fills the missing parts cleverly. However, when you are aware of defects in your visual field you can learn to turn your gaze towards the objects that lie in the problematic direction. This way, you can function more safely.

Signs of a lowered height of visual field:

  • It may be difficult to notice things at the low and high extremes of one’s vision.
  • One may occasionally stumble, or even fall, due to failure to notice what is at one’s feet.

Ocusweep functional vision examination measures the functioning of the visual system with both eyes - just as we use both eyes simultaneously in everyday life. This measurement is not a replacement for an eye health examination, where each eye is tested on its own while the other eye is blindfolded.

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