Excellent result

Reaction Time

Your vision based reaction time is very fast.

The interaction speed between your eyes, brain and hands is excellent.

Speed of your vision based reaction time is superior to 63 percent of people your age.
Both eyes
428 ms
The marked portion of the bar represents half the results of people your age. If your result is to right of this, you belong to the top 25% of your age group.

Vision based reaction time reflects interaction between the eyes, brain, and hands.

Our ophthalmologist Markku explains this indicator:

Slow vision may be harmful in suddenly occurring situations, such as in traffic, no matter how sharp, wide, or clear one’s vision otherwise may be. Reaction time is measured by the time it takes one to identify a figure. The faster you are able to do this, the better. The test result shows the time it took you to recognise the direction of the opening in the circular shape. The result is shown in thousandths of a second, or milliseconds (ms): 400 ms is very fast indeed. In this test, smaller numbers are better.

Athletes often depend on fast reaction times. But everyday life is also affected: for example, one may need to keep a greater distance from others in traffic due to slower reaction times.

One's reaction time can be improved for example by playing games that require quick responses. Reaction time based on sight is important for one’s safety, and it tends to decline with age.

Signs of declining reaction speed:

  • Difficulties in responding to sudden events.

Ocusweep functional vision examination measures the functioning of the visual system with both eyes - just as we use both eyes simultaneously in everyday life. This measurement is not a replacement for an eye health examination, where each eye is tested on its own while the other eye is blindfolded.

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